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What is the difference between underwired and non-wired bras?

An underwired bra has a thin, semi-circular wire embedded in the bra's band to provide structure and enhanced support, giving your breasts a round, contoured shape. On the other hand, non-wired bras enhance your breasts’ natural form, focusing on fabric support with no wires.

Is it safe to wear an underwired bra during pregnancy?

It's a matter of personal comfort, but many experts suggest avoiding underwire bras during later stages of pregnancy as they might press on milk ducts. However, if it feels fine, you can wear it without worry at any stage as it will not cause any problem to a woman's body.

What is wired vs normal bra?

A wired bra comes with an underwire for added support and shape, while a "normal" or non-wired bra lacks this feature.

What does an underwire bra do?

An underwire bra provides enhanced support, lift, and shape to the bust due to the structured wire.

Is it OK to wear an underwire bra every day?

Yes, as long as it's the right fit and made of comfortable material. However, ensure you rotate between bras to prolong their lifespan.

Who needs an underwire bra?

Anyone seeking extra support and defined shape might prefer an underwire bra, especially beneficial for larger bust sizes.

Should we wear a wired bra at night?

Underwire bras can impact blood circulation and affect the nervous system. The wire also compresses the muscles around the breast area. Thus, it's typically advised against wearing wired bras at night to allow the breast tissue to rest and to avoid any prolonged pressure from the wire.

Do wired bras need special care?

Yes, they should ideally be hand washed to maintain the shape and integrity of the wire. Machine washing can distort or damage the wire. In addition, use a light detergent, cold water temperature, and close the hooks.