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Maternity Bras

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When should I buy a feeding or maternity bra?

You might wonder about the ideal time to buy a feeding bra. It’s best to buy one right before you deliver or soon after pregnancy. To determine the correct size, consider the maternity bra size that felt comfortable late in your pregnancy. Generally, a nursing bra should be one cup size and one band size larger than your late-pregnancy size.

Should you wear a bra to bed when pregnant?

Some women experience a heavy feeling in their breasts at night. In such cases, a sleep bra offering light support can be a great option. However, ensure it's not too tight to avoid blocked ducts or any other complications.

How often should you wear a nursing bra?

This boils down to personal comfort and need. Nursing bras offer support and easy access for either breastfeeding or pumping. Wear them as often as you find beneficial.

Does wearing a tight bra affect breastfeeding?

A tight bra can indeed hamper your breastfeeding journey. It might lead to constricted or even blocked milk ducts. Remember, comfort and free flow are crucial during this period.

Is it safe to wear maternity bras?

Absolutely! The right maternity bras are designed keeping the unique needs of pregnant women in mind. They offer necessary support and comfort as breasts undergo changes in size and sensitivity.