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Beginners Bra

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What type of bra should a beginner wear?

Beginner bras are usually straightforward. Typically, they're designed as pull-over bras with no wires, hooks or underwire. Their simplicity and the stretchability of the cotton fabric ensure maximum comfort, especially during the growth phase.

What is the right age for a girl to start wearing a bra?

While it largely depends on an individual’s breast growth stage, the average age is around 11-12 years.

Difference between a teenage bra and normal bra?

Teenage bras are particularly crafted with soft fabric to accommodate and support growing breasts, whereas regular bras are structured differently based on their purpose.

How to find the right bra size for girls and which is the best bra for beginners?

Choosing the right bra size is determined by breast size. In case of any uncertainty, you can either visit a Triumph store for size assistance or consult our detailed online size guide.

Can a 15-year-old wear a bra?

Absolutely! Girls can start wearing bras at any age, depending on their development, with the average starting age being around 11-12 years.

How do you style a beginner’s bra?

Beginner bras for girls are versatile. They can be worn under any clothing or even styled as a trendy crop top.

Can you wear a padded beginner’s bra?

Certainly. Padding in beginner bras offers discretion, especially for young girls who might feel conscious about their developing bodies. This design feature ensures comfort and confidence, eliminating any worries about visibility.