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Bra For Women

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How to Care for Your Bras? 

You can wear bras 2 or 3 times before washing, preferably handwashing. For padded and wired bras, it's best to gently hand wash them in cold water to maintain their quality. 

How Do You Know if a Bra Fits Correctly? 

A well-fitting bra won't cause bulges, breast spillage or wire digging. The under-band should sit comfortably without any gaps. 

What's the Proper Way to Store Bras at Home? 

Always store your bras upright in the top drawer, with the cups nestled inside each other. Avoid folding or crumpling them to preserve their shape. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Bras? 

It's recommended to replace your bras every 6-9 months for optimal support and comfort. 

Choosing the Right Bras for Different Outfits 

Not sure which bra is best for daily use? A nude, smooth, basic T-shirt bra is a must-have as it complements nearly every outfit. Discover an array of T-shirt bras from Triumph's Body Make series, designed to feel like a second skin.