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Sports Bras

Triaction sport bras to support the way you move

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Can I wear a sports bra daily? How long can you keep a sports bra on?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra daily, especially during workouts.

How to care for your sports bra? Should I wash my sports bra after every use?

Absolutely. After every use, washing your sports bra is essential. opt for hand washing or place it in a lingerie bag during machine wash for added protection. Always lay flat to dry.

How long should a sports bra last?

On average, a sports bra lasts about a year. However, its lifespan varies depending on factors such as washing methods, frequency of wear, and sweat levels.

Is a sports bra good for the breast?

Is it advisable to wear sports bras? Yes, sports bras are excellent for breast health, particularly during workouts. They provide structured support, reducing sagging and potential injuries from excessive movement.

Which bra is better for the gym?

For gym activities, especially intense workouts, a high impact bra is the best choice. It offers optimum support and ensures your body remains comfortable and relaxed during exercise.