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Panties For Women

From shapewear to hipsters, we have panties for every occasion

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Which panty is best for daily use? 

Cotton midi or hipster panties are often recommended for daily use due to their comfort and breathability. 

How to choose the right panty style? 

Consider your daily activities, the type of clothes you'll wear, and your personal comfort preferences when choosing a style. 

Which fabric is more comfortable for panties? 

Cotton is the most recommended fabric due to its breathability and comfort. 

Which type of panties should a pregnant woman wear? 

High-waisted or maternity-specific panties that offer good stretch and coverage are ideal for pregnant women. Cotton panties, known for their supreme comfort, are universally suitable and can be especially favoured by pregnant women. Alternatively, polyamide fabric panties can be considered for their quick-drying properties. 

How often should one replace panties? 

It's advisable to replace panties every six months to a year, depending on wear and tear. 

What is the difference between hipster and low-waist panties? 

Hipster panties are mid-rise and sit on the hips offering better coverage, while low-waist panties sit below the waist and are often more revealing. 

What type of panties should a woman wear on periods? 

Full-coverage styles like midi or hipster, preferably in cotton, are advisable during periods to accommodate sanitary pads and offer comfort. Women can also opt for period briefs from our collection, ensuring a leak-proof and dry experience. Designed to absorb menstrual flow, our period underwear is available in various absorbencies and can be machine washed, making it reusable.